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Helsinki, Vantaa and Kerava service vouchers

Have you received a service voucher issued by the City of Helsinki or Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services county? Please note the service description provided in your service voucher and book your time using the correct service voucher type and online appointment calendar. You can find the type and number of the service voucher on the portal with a authentication (online bank codes or mobile certificate).

Helsinki KOHO service voucher, book a time here

Helsinki TUTHO or LOHK service voucher, book a time here

Vantaa and Kerava service voucher, book a time here

When you are booking a treatment appointment with a service voucher, please note that the appointment is made using the correct service voucher (Koho or Tutho / Lohk) appointment calendar. If you book an appointment through another appointment calendar, you will be charged a booking fee of 19.90 €. The booking fee is non-refundable.

Due to the high demand, we open new times for service vouchers on Mondays. Please check our availability online.

Valid Helsinki service voucher types are:

  • The service voucher for comprehensive care (KOHO). Read more here.
  • The check-up and treatment voucher (TUTHO). Read more here.
  • The service voucher for repairing cracked teeth (LOHK). Read more here

Valid VAKE service voucher types are:

  • Service voucher for general treatment of 12 teeth
  • Service voucher for general anti-infective treatment
  • Service voucher for cracked tooth repair
  • Service voucher for root canal treatment
  • Service voucher for tooth extraction
  • Service voucher for the surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth

Read more about the VAKE service vouchers here.

Additional information on booking an oppointment with a service voucher

Hygga uses service vouchers in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services county.  Service vouchers are issued by the city or wellbeing services county for dental services, as an alternative to the city’s / wellbeing area’s own dental check-ups and treatment services.

If you use a voucher, you will only be charged for the customer’s share (the deductible) of the dental fee. If the need for treatment goes beyond the fee covered by the voucher, you can purchase other services from us during the same appointment. This will save you time and address all of your dental care needs in a single visit.

Service voucher customers should make an appointment via their own calendar (links at the top of the page). Choose a suitable, hour-long time slot from the calendar. Free time slots are marked with a blue background colour. Your treatment will begin within the time slot, as soon as the first dentist or dental hygienist is free. You will get your exact time by text message 30 minutes before the start of your treatment time.

If you have extensive treatment needs, do not select the final time slot of the day. We may not be able to complete all treatments at the end of the day.

Remember to bring your service voucher documentation, and any X-rays on a CD.

You can compare the prices of service voucher deductibles on the ‘Parasta palvelua’ website:

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