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Hygga is a Finnish dental clinic company founded in 2010 in Helsinki. The Kamppi Unit is Finland’s largest dental clinic with 22 treatment rooms.

We believe that everyone has the right to easily accessible and efficient health care services. Our mission is to make this a future model for the entire healthcare sector. In addition to dental treatment, we develop and market a resource management system, Hygga Flow, for the healthcare sector, and provide process management expertise. Hygga Flow is used in several wellbeing services counties in Finland and in internatiol markets Sweden, Belgium and Netherlands.

Our Hygga Flow model scales well across dental and general healthcare sector. The operating model has been used at the City of Porvoo Healthcare Center since the beginning of 2020. In addition to running a dental and licensing business, Hygga is an incubator for digital systems and services. Our unique combination of clinical services and open-minded expertise in ICT provide us with a platform for building future solutions. Please learn more about our solution Hygga Flow

In 2015, the investment company Panostaja acquired a majority stake in Hygga. Other owners include key employees of the company.

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded Hygga its Key Flag hallmarks as signs of Finnish work and service innovation.


Why to choose our company Hygga?

By visiting Hygga, your dental visit becomes a pleasant experience! Our location is wonderful because we are located in the centre of Helsinki. You can find our friendly professionals here at our clinic here in Kamppi inside Kamppi Shopping Centre.

Thanks to our special operating model the environment here at our clinic in Kamppi is stress-free and calm. Our timetable is flexible. Therefore we aim to treat all your dental problems all at once if it is possible. Your treatment time may last from 1 hour to even 3 hours. We have all the time for you without feel of rush.

We promise to handle all your oral health concerns at once. We offer a wide range of oral health care services from basic oral checkups to fillings, wisdom tooth extractions and root canal treatment. Our dentists and other staff are trained in how to help dental-phobic patients. Our flexible operating concept enables us to use all the time needed during appointments with such patients. Read more about our dental services here. You can also call us (09) 58 400 300 or visit our clinic in Helsinki Centre (Kampinkuja 2, Sähkötalo’s 2nd floor.) and ask more questions.

You can find Hygga clinic on social media (in Finnish): Facebook and Instagram.

This is how it works


Book the most convenient hour as a time slot and pay the booking fee 19,90€.


Your treatment will begin within the time slot, as soon as the first dentist or dental hygienist is free. You will receive your exact time by text message half an hour before your treatment time.


Your visit will last just as long as you like. Treating all of your problems at once will avoid awkward revisits and save time.


Customer service

Call our customer service: Mon, Wed and Fri 08:00-16:00, Tue 09:00-17:00, Thu 10:00-18:00, Sat 09:00-15:00

(09) 58 400 300