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Why not to fear the dentist? Our dentist Juha Vainio answers!

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? Are you scared of booking a dental appointment? Here at Hygga Dental Clinic in central Helsinki, Kamppi, you don’t have to be afraid. We put together questions about the fear of the dentist and interviewed our corresponding dentist Juha Vainio.

We asked our dentist why there is no need to be afraid of visiting the dentist at Hygga and how here at Hygga we take into account the patients who are scared of dentists. Read the questions and the answers given by our corresponding dentist below.

Questions about being afraid of the dentist

How many are suffering from the fear of dentists? What are the reasons?

Many are scared. Going to the dentist can be scary even if nothing scary has happened during previous dental clinic visits. Sometimes there is no exact cause or reason for the fear. One of the most common reasons of being afraid of the dentist is being ashamed of the condition of one’s mouth. However, patients do not have to be ashamed of their own oral health as the dentists have already seen different kinds of teeth.

How do I get rid of my fear of the dentist?

You are already on the winning side when you come to the site! When the dentist explains the steps involved in the treatment and allows the patient to take breaks whenever the procedure allows so, the dental appointment is more pleasant. Also, listening to music through headphones during treatment can also be calming.

How are my dental fears taken into account at Hygga?

If you are afraid of visiting the dentist, you can tell us about your fear here at Hygga. We will make your dental visit more comfortable by telling you about the steps involved in your treatment before the treatment starts. You can always ask if you have any questions. We may also take breaks if the procedure allows it.

Here at Hygga it is possible to do many procedures during one appointment. This may help patients with anxiety as they do not have to schedule many different dentist appointments. However, you do not need to do several operations at once if you do not want to.

Do I need to be ashamed of my untreated teeth at Hygga?

There is no need to be ashamed of the condition of your teeth because the dentists have seen everything regarding different kinds of teeth. We are here to help and advise you to get out of the trouble.

Has it been a long time since you last visited the dentist for a dental check-up? It is advisable to have regular dental examinations even if there are no problems. You can book an appointment for Hygga’s dental examination here.

fear of the dentist

Why choose Hygga?

At Hygga your dentist appointment is a pleasant experience! We are located in the centre of Helsinki in Kamppi. Our clinic is located inside Sähkötalo / Kamppi Shopping Centre.

Thanks to our special operating model the environment here at our clinic in Kamppi is stress-free and calm. Our timetable is flexible. Therefore we aim to treat all your dental problems all at once if it is possible. Your treatment time may last from 1 hour to even 3 hours. We have all the time for you without a feeling of rush.

We offer a wide range of oral health care services from basic oral checkups to fillings, wisdom tooth extractions and root canal treatment. Our dentists and other staff are trained in how to help dental-phobic patients. Our flexible operating concept enables us to use all the time needed during appointments with such patients. Read more about our dental services here. You can also call us (09) 58 400 300 or visit our clinic in Helsinki Centre (Kampinkuja 2, Sähkötalo’s 2nd floor) and ask more questions.

You can find Hygga clinic on social media (in Finnish): Facebook and Instagram.

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