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Why choose a ceramic filling? Our dentist Juha Vainio answers!

A ceramic filling is more durable than a plastic or amalgam filling. Therefore, it is advisable to choose ceramic tooth fillings instead of other fillings and materials, as the ceramic fillings will last for life. For example, commonly used plastic fillings do not last more than 5 to 10 years, which means that plastic can be considered as a temporary tooth filling material.

We asked Hygga’s responsible dentist Juha Vainio questions about ceramic fillings. Read the questions and answers below!

Questions about ceramic patching

Why should I choose a ceramic filling over a plastic one? What if I don’t replace plastic fillings?

The large plastic fillings, in particular, break and wear out. They also give a slight elasticity to the bite causing the seams to fail. This will easily cause caries to form to the seam.

Why should I replace old amalgam fillings with ceramic ones?

Amalgam itself is quite good as a filling material, but the tooth around it tends to crack.

Should I replace all fillings all at once? Are ceramic fillings done right after the removal of old fillings?

Often, it makes sense to replace the positions in the same jaw quarter. When the old fillings is removed, it is time for the pottery order. A temporary place is placed in the tooth after a few days of waiting.

What if the old filling is not replaced with a ceramic filling?

If the bite relies on plastic fillings, the bite will gradually deepen over time. If a long time goes by, it will be quite difficult or even impossible to remedy the situation.

What is the latest time to get a ceramic filling?

When the tooth has more filling than own tooth, and when the tooth is root-groomed.

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ceramic filling

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