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Read about Hygga’s new opening hours

Check out our opening hours here! It is often possible to reserve time during the same day, perhaps even just by walking in to the clinic!

You can book your time from here. Please do not choose the last time window of the day if your treatment needs are extensive. We may not be able to perform all the treatments in the last time window of the day. Our customer service telephone number is  (09) 58 400 300. The telephone service is open Mon and Wed from 10:15 to 18:00, Tue, Thu and Fri 08: 15-16: 00 and Sat 9: 15-15: 00. Welcome to Hygga!

Regular Opening Hours

Monday 10 am to 6pm
Tuesday 8am to 4pm
Wednesday 10am to 6pm
Thursday 8am to 4pm
Friday 8am to 4pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm

Customer service

Call our customer service: Mon, Wed 10:15-18:00, Tue, Thu&Fri 08:15-16:00, Sat 9:15-15:00.

(09) 58 400 300