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I’m missing a tooth, what should I do? Our dentist Juha Vainio answers!

Are you considering installing a dental implant in the place of a missing tooth? Do you have questions about dental implants? We’ve put together some questions that you may have been thinking about. Answers to the questions have been given by Hygga’s executive dentist Juha Vainio.

Questions about dental implants

Why should I get a dental implant if I lack a tooth?

First of all, it is important to install a dental implant for functional reasons. Missing tooth or teeth can cause biting problems when you start eating using only the healthy side of your mouth. Such one-sided chewing can cause cracking in the teeth used for chewing food. Teeth problems are also related to the neighbouring teeth.

You should also install a dental implant for cosmetic reasons. Dental implants do not differ from natural teeth in any way. The dental implant is the most permanent solution in replacing a tooth.

What if I do not install a dental implant?

It is advisable to install the implant as soon as possible to maintain the jawbone in a good condition. If the implant installation is delayed, it may not be possible to install the dental implant after 10 years due to shrinkage of the jaw and permanent change in the bite.

Is dental implant installation a long process?

The installation of a dental implant is a stepwise procedure: the installation consists of 5-6 steps. These include the evaluation of the suitability of the implant, the implantation of an artificial root by using local anesthesia, the rooting of an artificial root, taking a replica, implanting an implant-like crown onto the artificial root, and the post-dental examination by a dental hygienist.

Can I come in for one dental implant if I have multiple teeth missing?

To replace multiple missing teeth, an artificial root with implant bridges is used. With two implants, it is possible to replace a total of 3-5 teeth. Two dental implants can be installed at the same time. The more dental implants are installed, the more time is spent in the treatment room than when installing a single dental implant.

Can I continue my life normally after my first visit?

A metal healing guard is placed over the artificial root. If an artificial root is installed in a prominent position, a temporary partial prosthesis or fibrous bridge that resembles a tooth more may be placed in such an area. Postoperative pain is not present in most patients.

Does the implant installation hurt? How does the Hygga staff handle my fear?

There is no reason to be stressed or afraid as the area is cut in a local anesthesia. It takes no more than 20-30 minutes to install the root. The patient is prescribed antibiotics, and there are usually no ailments. We take into consideration patients who fear dental doctor appointments here at Hygga. If necessary, the patient may receive oral pretreatment. Before you start the treatment, we will tell you about the steps involved in the installation process. You can also always ask questions.

What kind of home care is required from a dental implant?

At least a little more careful home care than usually. During a post-installation dental hygienist visit, the dental hygienist may highlight issues that you should pay closer attention to in your home care. You will receive a dental implant pass that lists the implants installed in your dental system. The pass is useful if, for example, you are traveling and your dental implants need attention.

Do you have any other questions about dental implants? You can call us here at Hygga on (09) 58 400 300 and ask more questions about the dental implant.

What should be taken into account?

  • An implant can only be installed when your mouth and teeth are healthy. Remember to book an appointment for dental checkup at Hygga here first.
  • One of the reasons for removed teeth are old fillings made from traditional materials. There are varying degrees of bite erosion, so it is best to start dental remediation as early as possible by switching the old materials to ceramic fillings. As a result, your teeth are better preserved, and your teeth are more likely to avoid removal.

kysymyksiä hammasimplantista

Why choose Hygga?

At Hygga your dentist appointment is a pleasant experience! We are located in the centre of Helsinki in Kamppi. Our clinic is located inside Sähkötalo / Kamppi Shopping Centre.

Thanks to our special operating model the environment here at our clinic in Kamppi is stress-free and calm. Our timetable is flexible. Therefore we aim to treat all your dental problems all at once if it is possible. Your treatment time may last from 1 hour to even 3 hours. We have all the time for you without a feeling of rush.

We offer a wide range of oral health care services from basic oral checkups to fillings, wisdom tooth extractions and root canal treatment. Our dentists and other staff are trained in how to help dental-phobic patients. Our flexible operating concept enables us to use all the time needed during appointments with such patients. Read more about our dental services here. You can also call us (09) 58 400 300 or visit our clinic in Helsinki Centre (Kampinkuja 2, Sähkötalo’s 2nd floor) and ask more questions.

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