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Megaklinikka became Hygga on last October

As our name changes, our promise remains

Megaklinikka became Hygga on Monday 22th of October,2018. We left the Megaklinikka name behind but our operations will continue even stronger.

As our customer you do not have to worry about anything. With our new brand we want to create enjoyable and warm customer experience while updating our services to serve individual needs. Our aim is to promote the importance of preventative oral health care as a part of comprehensive well-being. The Hygga way to operate daily is based on our common values: Courage, Cooperation and Zest of life. These things reflects on everything that we do.

For those, who don’t love to visit the dentist

The name Hygga has its roots in Scandinavian lifestyle that highlights comfort and quality, as well as safety and warmth. These are things that we want to continue to share and experience together. We truly hope that you continue this journey together with us – towards overall well-being.


We look forward to see you at Hygga!

Best regards,

Jussi Heiniö
Chief Executive Officer
Hygga Oy

Customer service

Call our customer service: Mon, Wed 10:15-18:00, Tue, Thu&Fri 08:15-16:00, Sat 9:15-15:00.

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